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AnrufAktion   Freeware für Mac
Control your computer with a call. AnrufAktion will simply open a file if the connected Siemens mobile is ringing

Use example:
off your Mac from the distance, by linking AnrufAktion with Mac aus

AnrufAktion is Freeware. You may use this software without restrictions.
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1. Connect the mobile with your computer. Select the serial port, at which the mobile phone is attached, in the Popup menu.
Enter in the field Nummer des Anrufers the phone number of the telephone,
with which you will call your mobile. Enter the number
exactly like it appears in the display of the mobile phone. (+491798765432 or 01798765432 depending upon network carrier) The input of a section of the call number is also possible. (1798765432 or only 32) Please note that the call number transmittal of the calling telephone must be switched on!
3. Select the file, which you want to open with a call. Use AppleScript to control a Mac. Note that a AppleScript must be saved as Application without Startup Screen. 
4. Call
the linked mobile, from the entered phone. As soon mobile rings, the adjusted file will open and you can hang up the phone.

How to connect a bluetooth mobile with Mac OSX 10.2 oder higher
Open "Bluetooth Serial Utility" in Utilities folder
Click "new..."
Enter a name for the new serial port. Example: "SiemensS55"
Click "Select Device..."
Select your mobile phone in the left Column. (If your mobile phone is not displayed at the left, click "Search" and select the device.)
Select "SerialPort" in the right Column.
Click "Select"
Restart HandyUhr and select the new serial port.

mail@apfelsoftware.de (in german please)

Mac OSX 10.1 oder neuer
Siemens mobile phone
Connection over bluetooth, infrared or cable with driver

Mac OS Classic or Windows Versions on request

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