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Zeitmount    Shareware für Mac

Zeitmount is made to mount and unmount harddisks at the adjusted time.


Zeitmount is Shareware. Private use and the test of the software are free. The permanent commercial use is permitted only after registration. The registration costs 5,- Euro for each copy used at the same time.

Starting from version 2.0 (future invisible Zeitmount version) the registration for every user costs 10,- Euro. Registered users of the version 1.x keep the update free.

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When you start the program or open a new window the desired volume must be activated.

Picture: Zeitmount Screenshot

Select in the PopUpMenue 'volume' the desired volume. Enter the times for automatic unmounting and mounting volumes.* By selection of the checkbox 'all partitions' you determine whether all partitions of a drive or only the selected will be mountet/unmonted. (with drives with only one partition is this checkbox without function) Through click on OK-Button the MountAutomatic starts. The volume can thereafter
unmounted/mounted with a click on the appropriate button 'by hand'.

It is possible to work with several windows, in order to eject a volume several times daily, or several volumes to mount/eject. A new window is opened with File/New. By closing of the window and with program end the MountAutomatic is stopped.

In the Preferences window (menu Zeitmount/Preferences) it is possible to pre-set a volume, the partition checkbox and the times. The selected values are entered automatically with program start and when opening a new window. The checkbox 'Autostart' determines whether the MountAutomatic, when starting of the program or opening a new
window, immediately is started. You can determine whether the volume is to be unmounted immediately automatically.

Please note that the times must be entered in 24-hour format (17:00 for 5:00pm)

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Support German Language only

Mac OSX from 10.3 or higher.

Problem recovery
Please avoid the disconnecting and connecting of several volumes at run time (after 'OK' click)

-The popupmenu 'volume' is grey, the volume can not be selected.
•The MountAutomatic is running. Check in the preferences-window 
(Menu Zeitmount/Preferences) whether the checkbox 'autostart' is deselected and open thereafter with File/New... a new window.

-The volume cannot be ejected.
•A file present at the volume is open. Close all files on the volume and click 'eject now'

-The desired volume is not in the list.
•The start volume cannot be ejected and therefore is not displayed.
•The volume is not mounted. Connect the volume again with your computer or try to activate the volume in the disk utility program. Open thereafter a new  zeitmount-window.